August 13th-17th

Hello Parents!

Congratulations, we just completed a very successful first week of school. We enjoyed getting to know all our young students and to begin learning together. This week we will be fully immersed in the curriculum which will be refreshing for both us and the students.

Each week we will give you a quick overview of each subject area and let you know of any other events.

Spalding: We will be teaching new words Monday-Wednesday, reviewing these words on Thursday and ending with a spelling and phonogram test on Friday. Each night, students will be asked to copy their spelling words three times in their spalding packet. The spalding homework can be found in their red take home folders. Please take time to help your students complete this homework each night.

Math: We will be focusing on counting and adding between 10 and 100. At home, students will be required to do Xtramath 5 times during the week.

History: We will be doing a short unit on world geography. The homework assignment for history can always be found in your students blue history journals which they will bring home daily. We will have a quiz on the material Friday.

Reading: Please read with your students for 20 minutes each night. You may let them read any book at home. As we continue developing their reading skills in the classroom it is so helpful to have this reinforced at home.

On Friday your students will come home with a yellow folder containing graded work from that week. Please take time to review your students work with them and then sign  the provided sheet of paper in the folder. This will help all of us to stay on the same page as the students progress through second grade.

We look forward to a great second week!

Ms. Allen, Mrs. Pim, Ms. Castle and Mrs. Cox.



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