December 17th-21st

Hello Parents!

The first semester has come to a close. What a joy it has been to teach your students this semester. Thank you for all your support over the last few months. Also, a special thanks to all of you who made our quarter party such a success last week! This week looks a bit different than normal, so take a look. Remember that Monday is a full day, while both Tuesday and Wednesday are half days!

Spalding: We only have 10 words this week. Homework will be normal on Monday. We will review on Tuesday and take our test on Wednesday.

Math: This week we will do math enrichment in class without teaching any new concepts. Students should continue to do xtramath 3 times at home this week.

History: We will officially wrap up our unit on Ancient Greece this week.  We will have a test on Wednesday. However, please be on the look out for a letter in your students RED FOLDERS that will have information regarding project coming up after winter break. Second grade will be focusing on characters from Ancient Greece during this week.

Poetry: Students will be reciting “The Arrow and the Song” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in class this week.

Reading: We will finish reading The Odyssey this week. Our students will participate in a seminar discussing the question, “Is Odysseus wise?” This great Greek hero may make many wise decisions, but he also confronts his own pride and failure many times throughout the story. Please ask your students about this discussion at home. In many ways it reflects the journey of students as they seek wisdom in the classroom and yet also have to learn how to overcome failures.

May winter break be filled with Joy and Peace for you all!


Ms. Allen, Mrs. Pim, Mrs. Cox and Ms. Castle


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