January 8th – 11th

Hello Parents!

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a joyful and restful break and we look forward to this new year and second semester with your students! Remember that this week is Project week and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are half days.  There will be no lunch and students are released at 12PM. Please send in a healthy snack for them to enjoy at recess.

Spalding: Because this is a four day week, we only have 21 words this week. Please help your student to complete their homework each night and have them carefully check that they not only spelled the word correctly, but included the correct syllables, markings and rules.  Also please ensure that they are using their best handwriting and are careful to use correct Spalding letter formation.

Math: We will begin multiplying and dividing by 4 this week. Any students who have not yet completed the addition program in XtraMath will be moved to the subtraction program. Students are expected to complete their XtraMath homework 4 times at home this week.

History: This week is Project week and each student will be learning about different characters from Ancient Greece. They will bring home a packet on Tuesday with directions for their homework each night.  Please send the packet back to school with them each day as they will be using this in class and at home daily to complete their history project.  Please begin to prepare your student’s costume for Project Night on Wednesday, January 16th from 6-7PM.

Reading: We will be reading various Greek Myths this week and exploring the meaning of a myth – a story that tells how something came to be.

Happy New Year!

Ms. Allen, Mrs. Pim, Mrs. Cox and Ms. Castle

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